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A Conversation Approaches The Holy – By Rev. Alan Mead

A Conversation Approaches The Holy
By Rev. Alan Mead

As treasurer of our condo association (yes, I really do need to have my head examined) I was meeting with the comptroller of the management group to help me re-design a spreadsheet the previous treasurer had used, and to talk about how she can better support the work I do as a volunteer and homeowner.

As we chatted, getting to know each other a little, she told me how much her mother, who lives in Pennsylvania, enjoys visiting her here on the Virginia coast. We both agreed that we love being proximate to the sea and walking the beach, and how it is a good place to live, which led, somehow, to other places we have visited.

When I mentioned that the second most awesome place I have visited is the Grand Canyon; how standing near the edge of the canyon simply took my breath away, she said she had never been there and it is on the top of her bucket list of places she wants to visit before she dies. We talked of the joy we feel in places of beauty and peace and awesome majesty such as the Grand Canyon, the redwood forest, and our home with sea and beach.

We had been talking only briefly and suddenly we were talking about dreams and hopes. A casual conversation had turned spiritual; not in a direct way and not mentioned, and yet dreaming and planning something as one of the fulfilling things of your life, the awesome beauty of nature, the yearnings of your heart and imagination, that you hope to accomplish before dying, and voicing it to another, opens a window of light.

Posted to Facebook December 23rd, 2015


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