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Don’t Just Talk About Mission-Act With Passion! By Susan Beaumount

Don’t Just Talk About Mission-Act With Passion!
By Susan Beaumount

Congregations waste precious time forming mission statements that fail to inspire action. Writing a mission statement produces clarity, but rarely generates energy. It’s time to move beyond mission and start focusing on the passion that compels us to make a specific difference.

We often think of an individual as having a vocation and an organization as having a mission. Religious organizations have both a mission and a vocational calling. They are related to one another but they are not the same thing. A mission explains, but a vocation inspires.

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Susan Beaumont will be the Wednesday, June 21, 2017, keynote speaker for the IMN 37th Annual Conference. She will deliver her new work, Leading in a Liminal Season and a workshop on Leading with Core Values. Register today, May 2 and we will wave the $75.00 late fee.  Or if you cannot attend the conference, register for access to the IMN Keynote Live stream.

All Saints – By Rev. Alan Mead

For Christians today is All Saints’ Day. It is a day that we pause to remember and give thanks for those who are no longer here. Of course we remember those who have had strong faith and who have accomplished remarkable achievements; but increasingly I find myself remembering those who have touched my life in small as well as large ways, those who’s smile and touch and gentle voice are present still in memory; those who, although no longer here, continue to encourage and form me. As I look out toward the horizon the sea glistens in the morning sun and, with varying hue, stretches to the boundary of my vision and beyond.

Sad News – By Rev. Alan Mead

It is with great sadness that we have learned of the sudden death of our dear friend and colleague the Rev. Gary Goldacker yesterday afternoon (Oct 24, 2016). Gary was a long time member of the IMN Faculty, and served Episcopal congregations in Detroit, Ann Arbor, Cleveland Heights, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Newport and several other places.

Our sincere condolences are extended to his wife, Carolyn, and the rest of his family. Funeral arrangements are being determined, and we will pass that info along as they become known.

May he rest in peace and rise in glory!

Monday Morning – By Rev. Alan Mead

It is Monday morning. Many of us who practice interim ministry may be taking a moment to reflect on the congregation we are currently serving, a pause between the ending of one week and the beginning of another. Is this a time to plan our activity and schedule for the coming week? How will our energy be used? Will we be reactive to whatever surfaced over the weekend? Or is this moment, this pause to be still, a time to allow our own energy to be replenished? May we find moments between each week, moments each day to be still, to build within a space where we can simply be ourselves, and where we may we be at peace. In the midst of activity, demands, stress, may you know the grace and joy of a moment claimed for yourself alone. You are of great value and you bring the gift of yourself, and that is the most important thing to know today.


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