Professional Transition Specialist – (PTS)

The Professional Transitional Specialist (PTS) professional designation identifies those interim ministers who have gone the extra mile. Applicants warrant their personal  record in the profession and submit verification of their professional  accomplishments in four areas.

PTS members have successfully completed all training requirements for academic course work in the field of intentional interim ministry.

Applicants verify formal academic work, especially expertise in a sub-specialty such as consulting or coaching.

To be accepted, applicants must verify at least two years of relevant transitional ministry experience. They also submit letters of good standing from their denomination.

Educational resumes are submitted every three years. Applicants must meet a standard of current training.

PTS members in good standing are permitted to use the PTS designation. They are listed in an IMN searchable data base and given a one-page entry to give details about their career and expertise.

The PTS application and directory are in the IMN Website.


PTS members have recently completed training in the specialty of interim/tranistional ministry. Academic course work taught by experienced interim practitioners includes these subjects:
•The Congregation as an Emotional System
•The Development Tasks/Focus Point of an Interim Congregation
•The Process Tasks of an Administrator during Transitions
•Interim Ministry Core Competencies
•Designing a Self-Care Plan
•Competent Congregational Analysis
•The Nature and Resolution of Conflict

The completion of field work, academic courses or assigned projects beyond basic education is required for PTS recognition. In some cases, candidates document expertise in a sub-specialty. IMN specialists evaluate the educational resumes to assure consistent quality.

Demonstrated Experience

Before candidates are qualified for the PTS designation they must establish and warrant proof of at least two years of experience in transitional situations. They submit a letter of good standing from their denomination. They document their experience. They verify in writing guidance from a qualified mentor during the first year of their interim ministry. Finally, they officially warrant their resume.

Current Knowledge

Holders of the IMN designation are required to demonstrate their continued attainment of up-to-date knowledge in order to renew their designation. An additional educational resume is submitted for evaluation every three years.


Find a PTS Member

Click on PTS to find a Professional Transitional Specialist. PTS members who have chosen to be part of this directory will be listed. This is a searchable database and can be accessed by all visitors to the IMN website.

Apply for PTS

PTS  Benefits

  • Professional Accomplishment.  IMN, as an independent body, has established criteria for professional excellence. PTS members warrant that they have met the standards and are committed to maintaining their education and knowledge.
  • Judicatory Outreach.  Regular educational programs are presented to church administrative officials on the value of the designation. Independent Multi-denominational research about interim and transition issues, including compensation and evaluation practices, are freely offered to establish the value of the trained interim in the minds of potential employers.
  • PTS Member Directory.  This is an optional profile tool that is visible to visitors of the IMN website.
  • Recognition.  A regular promotion and education budget is focused on the  designation program. Qualified members may use the PTS initials on their calling cards, stationery and the like to take personal advantage of the marketing program.

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