2020 PLAN

2020/11/09 10:30:00

Interim Ministry Network Annual Conference will be virtual this year. When you register you will be sent an email by September 15, which will include a passcode.  You will need that passcode to sign into the conference. Each conference day will begin with an opening gathering of worship. Each day from 10:30 to 2:00 we will all be together live by way of zoom. The rest of the workshops will be pre-recorded and you will be able to log in and watch them on your own time. There will be discussion time set aside each day where you will be able to join with the workshop presenter on a discussion about their workshop. All of these times and links will be posted on the IMN website as well as in your registration materials. We will have a Spiritual Practice Lab that will be a link to where you will be able to log into and watch experts describe their spiritual practice. Look for the link on the IMN website as well as in the registration materials.


Get the Most out of a Virtual Conference


  1. Organize your session schedule. With more flexibility, it’s critical to plan ahead and optimize what sessions you want to see. Maximize your time and learning by reviewing pre recorded topics and sessions in advance.
  2. Prioritize your time. The truth is multitasking isn’t that productive. Focus on making the best use out of your time by being truly present. Set reminders for sessions so you don’t miss something important.
  3. Minimize distractions. Interruptions happen. Set yourself up in a quiet space. Be sure to silence your phone, block off your calendar, and put a “Do not Disturb” message on, so you can fully focus.
  4. Familiarize yourself with the tools. There’s nothing worse than missing something because of faulty technology. Be sure to test your audio and ensure a strong wifi connection. For the best experience, use a laptop instead of your smartphone.


  1. Be an active participant. Plan to participate beyond listening. Take notes. Ask questions during the live sessions. Partake in online polling. Get active on social by using conference hashtags, live chats, and other tools to connect.
  2. Build your virtual community. At an in-person conference, you’re normally just listening to a speaker and making small talk in the coffee line. Virtually, you have a chance to engage in more meaningful ways. Create and share insights by collaborating with others. Expand your network like joining the IMN 40th Annual Conference Facebook Page.


  1. Take advantage of replays. Catch any recorded sessions you may have missed. Debrief with fellow attendees and peers. Keep the conversation going by sharing key takeaways on Facebook.

Bonus tip: Don’t forget to have fun. You’re here to learn, connect and, most importantly, have some fun!


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