OCTOBER 29-31, 2024

renewed and strengthened

Equipping and Supporting Leaders in Times of Transition




PRESENTATIONS by Dr. Betty Pries:

October 29, 2024

Nurturing the Interior Condition of the Leader

A quote, by William O’Brien, is as follows: “The success of an intervention depends on the interior condition of the intervenor.” If this statement is true, then the implications for clergy and leaders is profound. What do we mean by our interior condition and how does our interior condition influence the work we do? This session explores a robust understanding of our personhood in relationship with one another and considers a metaphor of selfhood as a vehicle for understanding and transforming ourselves, our relationships, our spirituality, and the conflicts we seek to heal.

October 31, 2024

Transforming Polarized Conversations

What does it mean to witness awe and wonder while acting for justice and peace in a polarized world? How do communities of faith act as instruments of hope in a world divided and in pain? This session considers the realities of polarization and explores strategies for transforming polarized conversations and deeply entrenched differences, while embracing the power and possibility of both-and rather than either-or thinking.

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