I awoke early as is my custom, to await the morning light and to pray. Although we are on vacation my pattern remains constant, giving balance to the day that is dawning. We are in a wonderful location to capture each sunrise. It has been cold and cloudy. Yesterday the sunrise was a non-event and as I looked out from our balcony I was certain that today’s sunrise would be a repeat of yesterday. The entire sky was covered in cloud, especially along the horizon where I knew the sun would rise. Even so I put on coat and hat, took my camera in hand and left for the beach and quay, prepared for whatever this morning would bring, determined to be there to see and to record.

To my surprise it was a spectacular sunrise. I took several photos and liked one where many birds seemed to be soaring with the morning light.

It is so easy for each of us to live into our limited expectations, sometimes based on experience, at other times because of what we observe. When we live into each moment prepared for something extraordinary, doing our part, so to speak, we put ourselves into that space that is open to grace.

Help each of us, in our ministries and in our relationships, to look for beauty and light, to sometimes be led by our hope rather than by our expectation. O God, bring light and peace into this day that we may soar with joy.


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