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Connecting in Las Vegas – By Rev. Alan Mead

This morning at breakfast I sat beside someone I didn’t know and found, as we talked, that we had several connections. We were talking about normal things that we often do when we meet a stranger, things like where do you live and, for those of us who practice this nomadic reality of interim ministry, where else have you lived and ministered? Often these beginnings of conversation are vital preludes to deeper conversation. Today was no exception. I mentioned that I had once lived in Riverside, Rhode Island and soon we were talking about St. Andrew’s School in Barrington, Rhode Island, discovering that our sons had each graduated from there, and only one year apart. St. Andrew’s is small and everyone there would likely have know everyone else, so my new friend, Edward W Sproul, suggested that we ask our sons if they remember each other. Our son, Alex graduated in 1990 and his son graduated in 1991. Our son died two years ago and a flood of memories began flowing through my mind. I hope his son will remember mine! Now that will be a connection that touches my soul.

Happy Mother’s Day! – by Rev. Alan Mead

On this Mother’s Day, as many express their appreciation and gratitude for the faithful love, gentle touch, boundless hope and unswerving commitment of their mothers, let us also hold close in thought and prayer, those who remember, not with joy and appreciation; but with sadness, regret, resentment or even anger; for our community includes and is enriched by each of us.

Spring Rain – By Rev. Alan Mead

It is raining. The smell of rain is distinct and a change from the dryness and pollen-laden air that it cleans as it falls on the grass and the earth. It is refreshing and brings memories of spring rain from years past and early childhood; memories of running barefoot through wet grass with upturned face to catch the rain, of skidding and falling and not caring, enjoying a moment that still lives in my heart and imagination. Too often today I run through the rain rather than into it, trying to keep dry rather than to be refreshed and renewed. I think here in the rain is the presence of the holy, the mystery of creation itself, caressing as it falls to earth bringing life to all it touches.

Moments in need of grace – By Rev. Alan Mead

It is so very easy to write a quick response to an email message and, after sending it, wish you could bring it back. Or perhaps, in conversation a thought is expressed that once spoken is difficult or impossible to take back. Our occasional reactivity rather than our self-differentiation is a shadow that hovers, often unseen, until once again we find ourselves in need of grace.

A New Day – by Rev. Alan Mead

Early morning. A new day. As the night gradually turns to day we have once again this invitation to live into discovery, to renew our weary hope, to open our eyes to see things we overlooked yesterday, a possibility for a fresh start, to leave behind the night and the day that is now past. In this moment, O God, as we begin again with normal routine, help us each to pause and give thanks for this day. And then to begin anew.


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