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Morning Peace – By Rev. Alan Mead

As I walked this morning, following the shore line along the beach, I felt soothed by the gentle lapping of the surf, the hint of moisture in the air, the pastel hues in cloud and sea, the occasional intensity of a brighter light shining through a small hole in the wonderfully overcast, layered sky, and patches of rain driving down in the distance. I began my walk feeling sad and hoping to wallow in my sadness; but found I couldn’t stay there: with each step my heart lifted. Is this prayer? Memories came and dwelt for a moment or two, not quite keeping up with the surf; but playing in my mind, some colored with joy and an occasional one tinged with sorrow, and all, somehow, returning to the sea. Is this prayer?

Building For Future Use – By Rev. Alan Mead

We enjoy watching the construction of a new bridge being built over the inlet. It is now more than 19 months since work first began. It is being built alongside the existing bridge, which will be demolished when the first span is completed. All traffic will use the new span while the original bridge is demolished and the second span is built. The entire project is supposed to take close to four years to complete. Today, as we walked by several workers and their heavy machinery, I marveled at the power and precision involved in building a bridge that is over one half mile long, and how heavy traffic flow along Shore Drive is able to continue with minimal disruption during the transition phase. As I walked, thinking of the extra cost and planning that were necessary to keep traffic moving during transition, I thought of a congregation entering transition and wondered how much thought and planning go into making sure that worship and mission activities continue without interruption and, related to that, what planning and resources go into building for any future increase in ministry and mission? Leading a congregation through transition, building for a future with increased mission and ministry, takes training and experience. What new structures will be needed? Do the old structures continue to work? Or do they need thoughtful adjusting? Are we willing to invest more than a year and a half of business as usual? Food for thought.

Hope – By Rev. Alan Mead

I waited, watching flames dance and flicker in the fireplace, bright coals feeding heat upward, and listened to the sound of a gentle rain, and I felt hope dance in my spirit. Soon the night will open its heart to the warmth of a new day, and our fears and doubts and turmoil will be carried to the heavens, and only love remain, and fill us, and hold us, and only love remain.


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