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Standing Together – By Rev. Alan Mead

There is a power that is growing. It is the power of our prayers, different in faith, different in community, different in belief; but united in hope, united in a desire for peace. Our prayers, the vibrant colors of our prayers, the texture and fabric of our hope, from all corners of the world, is rising and forming together, a prayer for the world, a prayer for peace. Our prayer that values people of every faith and of no faith, that values people of every color, that values all women and children and men, is growing today, and tomorrow.

It is Friday, The day after Thanksgiving – By Rev. Alan Mead

It is Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, and what will we do, and what will this day bring? My inbox has been filled for days with enticements to save and to buy; images of objects that I desire, inviting me to buy it now because right now, and now only, is the biggest deal ever, the best bargain I will see all year. Finding that bargain, being the first in line to get the best deal, scrambling to win, will be how some spend this day. Whether we work, play, relax, shop or travel, may we find a moment that is ours, a moment when we know we are valued, when we know that we are loved, and when we raise our hearts in thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving – By Rev. Alan Mead

Happy Thanksgiving! On this day of Thanksgiving, I am thankful that I am given another day, that I have a loving and caring family, that we have everything we truly need. I am thankful for my vocation; that even though I am retired now seems ever more central in my life, and I am thankful for all who practice the art of interim ministry, leading congregations through transition with grace, hope and transformation. You are needed now more than ever; your commitment, your perseverance, your ear that listens without judging, your heart that embraces and your spirit that lifts and sustains a world that is also in transition. Thank you.

Thanksgiving for Seasons and their Changes – By Rev. Alan Mead

How amazing it is, little things that make such a difference in our lives and so often, with our schedules to meet, deadlines and commitments to keep, go completely unnoticed and often unappreciated. In the fall, leaves show their true colors; brilliant reds, yellows, browns and every hue in that spectrum, then fall from their branches until spring when sap begins to flow, and suddenly, almost in the blink of an eye, green buds shoot forth and soon new leaves adorn the trees, and the brown grasses turn green, a green that gradually deepens as the days of spring and summer pass. Little things, right before our eyes, a continual miracle of new life unfolding, an ongoing prayer of the world.


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