Church Amidst Coronavirus

(Will Mancini was a keynote speaker at the IMN 2014 Annual Conference)

We are living in an unprecedented time for all of us—and especially for us as church leaders. This is a moment where we need to serve people and communities well … in ways we may have never served them before. It is also a moment where new ways of being the church will be expected, not questioned. I want to do everything I can to help you maximize this moment in your church, so I will be communicating with you on an almost daily basis, making sure you are aware of the free resources and tools I am making available during this time.

Every Monday in the coming weeks, Dave Rhodes and I will be leading an Open National Staff Meeting for Church Leaders at Mondays at noon EST. Our focus is in challenging and equipping church leaders to move “From Frantic to Framework.” Click here to register for Monday’s webinar.

To encourage leaders at this pivotal time, I am offering my book Innovating Discipleship—my highest-rated book ever on Amazon—as a FREE PDF download for the first time. Innovating Discipleship provides a simple but powerful master tool for rethinking your church’s ministry strategy in two dimensions—first, the results you’re aiming at and second, the engagement strategy you use to produce them.

If for no other reason, download this resource for the list of 16 super questions for ministry innovation. These questions alone will add value to your leadership.

Click here for this unprecedented FREE giveaway. Talk it over as a team, and advance the mission of Jesus in this cultural moment. If you prefer a hard copy of the book, you may purchase one on Amazon.

Let’s work together to steward this moment well. The future church is at stake.

Clearly in Christ –

Will Mancini


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