While we are facing the COVID-19 pandemic apart from one another, each afternoon I am sharing a piece of music chosen to bring reassurance, comfort, and hope to anxious hearts. Today’s selection is “My Song is Love Unknown” sung by the Choir of King’s College, Cambridge.

Here is a review of this hymn, containing biographical information about the interesting life of the composer, Samuel Crossman, written by Scott Malcolmson for “Anglican Focus”.
Emily R. Brink writes in Hymnary.com about the composer of the tune, LOVE UNKNOWN:
“John Ireland (1879-1962) studied at Durham University in England and became a church organist, choirmaster, editor, and lecturer, eventually teaching at the Royal College of Church Music. He was a gifted composer of music for voice, piano, organ, chamber music, and orchestra that were recognized for their excellence during his lifetime; LOVE UNKNOWN was his only hymn tune, found today in numerous hymnals.”
“My Song is Love Unknown”
The lyrics are displayed in the video.
Words: Samuel Crossman (c. 1624-1683)
Tune: Love Unknown, John Ireland (1879-1962)

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