Have you ever read a book and had a few questions and would like to talk to the author? During this new IMN pilot program, we will feature authors who have written books pertaining to topics around interim/transitional ministry. These 90 minute Zoom discussions will be structured with readings, question and answers.

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December 9th, 2020

Click here to Purchase Emotional Intelligence for Religious Leaders

About the Book

Religious leaders require tremendous skill in emotional intelligence, yet their training very rarely addresses how to develop the practical skills needed—from self-awareness to resilience. Emotional Intelligence for Religious Leaders draws on the latest research in business, psychology, and theology to offer religious leaders the information and tools they need to increase their emotional intelligence and enhance their relationships, communication and conflict management skills, spirituality, and overall well-being. The book offers both a deep understanding of how to develop emotional intelligence and also prescriptive insights about how to practice it that will be helpful for religious leaders in many settings, including congregational ministry, lay ministry, spiritual direction, pastoral counseling, and more.

About the Authors

John Lee West

served as a Baptist pastor and has also worked with pastors as a licensed professional counselor. He has held the position of university dean and currently serves as a higher education consultant and faculty member. His unique combination of education and experiences, combined with his own successes and failures in ministry, provide the motivation for his research and authorship regarding emotional intelligence and religious leaders.

Roy M. Oswald

is an ordained Lutheran (ELCA) pastor who is emeritus executive director at the Center for Emotional Intelligence and Human Relations Skills. He served as a senior consultant for the Alban Institute for thirty-one years after serving as a church pastor. He is author or co-author of sixteen books on churches and ministry, including his most recent The Emotional Intelligence of Jesus: Relational Smarts for Religious Leaders.

Nadyne Guzmán

is an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ. Her ministry includes service as a hospital chaplain and as a consultant and coach for international organizations, developing programs for leadership development, inclusivity, transformation, and spiritual care. She has served as a professor of leadership, a researcher, and as an administrator in public schools and higher education.


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