We are presenting a small eBook today that was published by This short eBook, “Coronavirus In Church: How to protect and grow your Church during the Outbreak” is offered to

provide further information that may be helpful to our members during this time of continuing crisis.

This eBook was written and published early in the crisis and we offer it to you even though some of the early protocols may have changed. As the world learns more about this virus and its progression, the response by countries and health organizations has changed appropriately. Please be aware as you read the eBook that what was accurate information earlier may have been enhanced as our understanding has grown during this continuing crisis.
We have been given permission to offer this eBook in our “Hints” area, and it is shared for your use as appropriate for your circumstances. While IMN is neither endorsing nor promoting the use of their products, several opportunities to explore and purchase those products are presented within the eBook and doing so is totally optional. Click on the book image to view.