Disaster Preparation Project in Support of Congregational Development

CONCEPT: Respond to the following disaster preparation scenario with a congregation based program that develops intergenerational interaction through care and support

SCENARIO: FEMA and/or the Red Cross will not be available for a minimum of  three days when disaster strikes (hurricane, severe winter storm, tornado, flood). People should have a three-day supply of life essentials (food, water, medicine) according to Peter B. Gudaitus, President, National  Disaster Interfaiths Network.

PROGRAM: Serving all members of a congregation means knowing

  • who the members are
  • what they need for those three days
  • when to best be in contact
  • where they live
  • how to stay in supportive relationship

Preparing for the three-day disaster scenario provides a topic that builds strong inter-personal congregational relationships through the introduction and maintenance of the three-day supply of life essentials.

Sample organizing approaches


Practice: Interact with elderly members.

Principle: When youthful energy and the wisdom of a lifetime meet the reality of God (the love that is heaven) becomes more apparent.

Outcome: Loneliness and disenfranchisement is less likely to be felt by either generation.


Practice: Focus moves to managing the needs of others rather than fund raising.

Principle: All possessions and talents are gifts from God and we are called to be God’s stewards.

Outcome: A giving spirit evolves when centered on caring directly for others. Such a mission-based approach builds a culture of generosity.


Practice:  Zipcode based adult facilitated sub-groups provide the organizing mechanism.

Principle: Recognizing and caring for our neighbors.

Outcome: The group expands to care for those who are neighbors of the members of  the congregation.

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The Rev. Dr. William Carl Thomas
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