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Facing into the Wind – By Rev. Alan Mead

Facing into the Wind

By Rev. Alan Mead

As we were walking yesterday, beside the ocean, with a strong north wind, I observed birds, hunkered down, facing into the wind. It was cold and certainly more effort for us as we walked into the wind on our return. I also noticed that I didn’t see any birds in the water, which was roiled with high, crashing surf. We walked along and I continued thinking about the birds. Do they always face into the wind when it is strong and dangerous? Do they go into crashing surf in search of food with caution? Probably for warmth, I thought, because that’s the way their feathers go, and so the wind keeps their feathers down and preserves their energy.

In what ways do we face into adversity or conflict?

Do we dive in when the crashing surf of emotional overflow is high? Do we allow the wind, whatever it is, to work with the way we are made? Do we conserve our energy for action when it will produce desired results?

I suspect that birds are hard wired with coping behavior that optimizes survival. We, however, think, reason, and make choices. We have the additional capacity to communicate with one another.

It seems the wind is always blowing on the ocean. Sometimes it refreshes and at other times it is harsh and dangerous. Hard wired or not, it is interesting how the birds wait patiently during the harsh, dangerous wind for the refreshing breeze of opportunity.


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