IMN and COVID-19

IMN and COVID-19

We are sure many, if not all, of the IMN family are following the news and are concerned about the COVID-19 coronavirus. What to do personally? What to do within your congregations? What to say? How to take care of yourselves and your families?

We have heard from many of you that your churches are suspending services and adjusting other activities. It is a fluid situation with all of us attempting to respond in ways that are caring for our congregations.

IMN is equally concerned. As of midweek, we had determined that we would proceed with our classes and activities as scheduled. With new information being revealed daily, IMN continues to look at all relevant information to make decisions about moving ahead with its class schedule. We have been in touch with each of the Centers and facilities where we have FTM classes scheduled over the next several months. They are equally concerned about the safety of their clients. All are taking additional measures to adhere to the highest housekeeping standards and are providing fresh hand sanitizers throughout the common areas of their properties.

Every doctor still seems to support the measure of thoroughly washing hands as the best protective measure each of us can take.Taking care of others while we take care of ourselves in this way is an extension of what we do every day in our ministries.

IMN will continue to consider all information as it considers its upcoming classes.

We pray for the safety of all our IMN friends,

IMN President, Les Robinson
IMN Executive Director, Cynthia Huheey


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