The Doorkeeper’s Mind (2) (The Sheltered Cities Series)

The Doorkeeper’s Mind (2) (The Sheltered Cities Series)

Series: 2019 IMN Conference
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication Year: 2019
ASIN: 1543974082
ISBN: 1543974082

Marie's disciplined and orderly life is turned on its head, as she begins living into a new reality in a strange city, with people she does not know, and new responsibilities she was never taught. In addition to remotely opening and closing resident's doors, this Doorkeeper is also a Security Coordi...

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About the Book

Marie’s disciplined and orderly life is turned on its head, as she begins living into a new reality in a strange city, with people she does not know, and new responsibilities she was never taught. In addition to remotely opening and closing resident’s doors, this Doorkeeper is also a Security Coordinator, responsible for the safety of everyone in the sector, including workers, visitors and those passing through.Her commitment to the work and desire to learn quickly bring Marie in conflict with some who would undo the economic justice principles of The Plan. Under The Plan for the Future, poverty has been eliminated. Everyone has a home, meaningful work, education, healthcare, safe food, and transportation. The norm is “None are permitted excess until all have the essentials.” The detractors of The Plan seek its overthrow when the renewal vote comes in 2099. Confronting the half-truths and outright deceptions of these detractors, in an open forum, birthed the grassroots organization known as “Stop the Lies.” The Doorkeeper’s Mind opens with Marie being pursued by adversaries, despite the security net being formed to keep her safe. Marie soon finds herself in charge of three production facilities conceived, designed, and developed by her predecessor. As it turns out, he was a scientific genius, fashioning a material harder than diamonds, that cannot be melted, penetrated by x-ray, microwave, or radio waves. However, this same material can be separated by an exacting combination of light, heat, and vibration. Thus, it can be used to create an impenetrable storage unit for anything needing extreme protection. Marie’s agenda is full. Function as CEO of the production facilities; organize the Stop-the-Lies campaign, and learn to use her uncanny ability to “read the emotions” of others. The latter includes tapping into emotions left by people who passed through a particular space, perhaps hours or days before. Even though they remain unaware of her gifts, others have mysterious expectations of her. She overhears some referring to Marie as the One; an unsettling phrase never explained to her satisfaction.As a testament to her perceived specialness, she meets a former president of the United States, James Earldrige. He and his staff created The Plan for the Future; furthermore, he dedicated his life to furthering its cause throughout the world. Marie becomes included as one “in the loop” about these efforts, and those of the detractors to prevent them.Upon returning to Wichita, Marie discovers how to listen in on the thoughts of others. Several things happen in rapid succession. Marie is invited into a secret society, starts doctoral studies, receives an apprentice, obtains a pilot’s license, travels, speaks, saves lives (including her own), and loses one of her unusual abilities. In the meantime, she makes a friend, finds a half-brother, gets a dog, learns about others with similar gifts, and dips a toe in the water of sexual experience. She is also told that her brain functions differently from others.She survives the variety of activities thrust upon her by use of one of her mantras: take one issue, one problem, one step at a time. Challenges are addressed by using her intellect, knowledge, and her paranormal gifts. Others play no small role in supporting her, and she never works alone.The Doorkeeper receives help from friends, colleagues, security, and supervisors. Besides, there are letters left by her predecessor, an Automated Personal Assistant (actually a supercomputer residing in her closet). Even a former foe provides information helpful to the cause.What cause? Preserving the benefits of the interdependent society, defeating the efforts of the detractors to reestablish greed as the norm, and ultimately saving all life on the planet.

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