IMN Mission Statement


IMN Mission and Vision affirmed by the Interim Ministry Network Board of Directors, November 2011 and adopted Core Values, March 2012. Updated August 2018.

For millions of people, faith communities nurture spiritual development and community.  In our ever-evolving society, change affects religious bodies within and without.  Change offers these bodies opportunities to focus on their health through self- evaluation and renewal.  The body can move toward clarity of mission, greater cohesiveness, spiritual growth and positive acceptance of new leadership with the guidance of a person trained in intentional interim ministry.


The Interim Ministry Network strengthens the spiritual and organizational health of faith communities by equipping and supporting those who lead during times of transition.


As a result of work of the Interim Ministry Network, faith communities are stronger because they have effectively managed transition and are better able to share with their members and society God’s love that brings hope and joy in times of change.

Core Values

  • Providing praxis-oriented education and training for clergy and lay leaders
  • Providing learning experiences that reflect professionalism, excellence, and innovation
  • Seeking and affirming inclusivity in living out the mission
  • Strengthening faith communities
  • Building healthy relationships among colleagues and within faith communities

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