Clergy Job Search Websites allows you to search national Church Jobs, Christian Jobs and other Ministry Jobs and positions. Our unique tools and freely searchable database of church jobs and ministry positions is used by thousands of ministers and churches daily. Looking for a senior pastor, youth minister, music minister, worship pastor, church secretary or other staff person to fill your Church Job? has the best tools to manage your church related career. All of our church job listings are posted here, as well as all of our partner sites including,, Interim Ministry Network, and, The Church Music Report.

Church Staffing is the largest online job search website for church jobs, pastor jobs, and ministry jobs. Search church openings and listings for senior, associate, youth, and other pastoral positions as well as children’s ministry director, church secretary and other ministry openings and employment opportunities. With our free job search engine of hundreds of church jobs for all denominations, pastors and ministry leaders can find the right position at the right church. Additional online employment help including resume writing services, pastoral transition, interview tips and career advice offer job seekers the guidance they need to find their calling. For churches trying to find a pastor or ministry leader, offers the largest church resume database featuring thousands of qualified potential employees. Additional resources for Christian employers include church background checks, job descriptions, pastor compensation, salary information and more to help build a strong leadership team. Find your next job with the church and ministry employment experts –!

Church Job Finder

We help churches find their perfect staff members by providing the best job search tools and resources for churches and pastors seeking their next role in ministry.

God has big plans for you and your church, that’s why we strive to create the best opportunity for you to maximize your kingdom impact through ministry placement. We believe the Church deserves the best tools when it comes to building ministry. That’s why we created ChurchJobFinder.

With over 10 years of helping churches and pastors find their perfect ministry fit, we believe that with God’s provision, you’ll find yours as well. Whether you’re looking to hire or fill a position in ministry, we look forward to helping you expand God’s kingdom through your ministry.


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Transition Ministry Conference

Open positions in the Episcopal Dioceses

Transition Ministry Officers of the dioceses of Bethlehem, Central New York, Central Pennsylvania, Chicago, Connecticut, Delaware, East Carolina, Eastern Michigan, Easton, Indianapolis, Long island, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Milwaukee, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Newark, North Carolina, Northern Indiana, Northwestern Pennsylvania, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, Rhode Island, Rochester, Southern Ohio, Southern Virginia, Southwestern Virginia, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Western Massachusetts, Western Michigan, Western New York and Western North Carolina.




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