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January 25th Reflection

January 25, 2015 by Rev. Alan Mead We all experience times of transition, and sometimes we learn from our experience. Whether we learn or not, as we experience change we are changed also. I remember when we moved from a small village where we lived in the same house as my grandmother, next door to…

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January 24th Reflection

January 24, 2015 by Rev. Alan Mead It began raining before I awoke, before the morning light filtered through the closed shutters. It is now mid morning and the rain continues on and off. The wind, coming off the Bay is gusty and has been growing in strength. It is the kind of day where…

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January 23rd Reflection

January 23, 2015 By Rev. Alan Mead I read a blog entry on Huffington Post today, written by Mark Osler, relating his current experience in a church with an interim. Mark’s experience is negative and a conclusion he draws is that the transition process in congregations should be shortened considerably. I do notice that the…

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January 19th Reflections

January 19, 2015 By Rev. Alan Mead I remember a conversation with my father’s Uncle Eddie that took place at his kitchen table just after his wife Charlotte’s funeral. I was rector of a small parish in upstate NY and my father and I had traveled to be there as soon as we heard the…

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January 18th Reflection

January 18, 2015 By Rev. Alan Mead  Samuel became one of the great prophets in Israel, an individual whose primary job description would be to listen for the word of the Lord and proclaim what he heard. I find it encouraging that when Samuel first heard the Lord speak to him, calling him to service,…

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