Embracing the Strategic Value of Small Church Ministry: Why Bigger Is No Longer Better – by Brandon J. O’Brien January 19th Reflections

January 18th Reflection

January 18, 2015
By Rev. Alan Mead 
Samuel became one of the great prophets in Israel, an individual whose primary job description would be to listen for the word of the Lord and proclaim what he heard. I find it encouraging that when Samuel first heard the Lord speak to him, calling him to service, he didn’t recognize the voice of the Holy, not once, or twice or even the third time! He thought his teacher was speaking. It was only after his teacher, Eli, advised him that it may be God speaking, that Samuel was able to imagine something greater than his expectations. Intentional interim ministry is centered in listening and recognizing the voice of the Holy in the midst of history and story in congregations and other faith communities during times of transition. As Samuel learned through his mentor and his experience to recognize the voice of the Holy, may each of us engaged in transition and interim ministry find encouragement as we connect with one another and share our experiences not only of recognizing the Holy; but also in helping others to hear and appreciate the many stories in congregations that quite naturally emerge during transition. In our stories we find the congregations story, and the voice of the Holy.

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