You have likely had the experience of working with one or more of the IMN Faculty members. All of our faculty started in that same place by being a participant in the Fundamentals of Transitional Ministry three-part training. And recognized that they had a passion to teach/facilitate future classes.

IMN is now looking to add a number of faculty members.

Here are the qualities IMN looks for in its faculty:
  • Skill: Skill in training and facilitation of adult learning communities, including necessary technological capabilities.
  • Passion: Passion for and commitment to Transitional Ministry and the work of Intentional Interim Ministry.
  • Experience: Direct experience of Transitional Ministry and Intentional Interim Ministry.
  • Ability: Able to present curriculum clearly and effectively; and relate to diverse contexts with sensitivity and flexibility.
  • Knowledge: Training level knowledge of IMN Curriculum design and all specific material covered.
  • Self-Differentiated: Quality of presence; able to model both content and process.
A simple way to remember those qualities is the acronym SPEAKS. Faculty SPEAKS for IMN and its transitional ministry training.

If you have an interest in exploring joining the IMN Faculty, send an email to Ellen Goudy: and ask for the application packet.

All application packets will be sent to applicants on May 3. Due date for receipt of applications is June 7.


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