Day For Shared Prayer – By Rev. Alan Mead Our Day for Shared Prayer – By Rev. Alan Mead

Morning Peace – By Rev. Alan Mead

As I walked this morning, following the shore line along the beach, I felt soothed by the gentle lapping of the surf, the hint of moisture in the air, the pastel hues in cloud and sea, the occasional intensity of a brighter light shining through a small hole in the wonderfully overcast, layered sky, and patches of rain driving down in the distance. I began my walk feeling sad and hoping to wallow in my sadness; but found I couldn’t stay there: with each step my heart lifted. Is this prayer? Memories came and dwelt for a moment or two, not quite keeping up with the surf; but playing in my mind, some colored with joy and an occasional one tinged with sorrow, and all, somehow, returning to the sea. Is this prayer?

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