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Morning Solitude – By Rev. Alan Mead

Early morning has become a time of solitude for me. During the summer months, when the sun rises before 6 AM we found ourselves waking with the first hint of light, dressing quickly, and beginning our morning walk just in time to see the sunrise. As we walked together we would talk occasionally; but mostly walk in silence, listening to the sounds of birds and sea. For me, this was a magical time, a time shared with the one I love; but also of deep reflection and prayer, in rhythm with our pace and with nature around us. Of course as the days grew shorter, the cold winter winds became more than a hint, and the reality of caring for a three year old when his parents leave for their work, our walks began to take their seasonal hiatus.

As summer turned to fall I found myself continuing to rise early, seeking moments of solitude before daylight brings activity and responsibilities. I have found this time, alone in the early morning darkness, to be full and layered, with moments of reflection and moments that are not of thoughts or memories or plans; but flicker in the flames of a warming fire and wander the night sky with the wind. It has become a time that calls to me, waking me earlier, lifting me, not simply in preparation for a new day or for getting something done; but for being, for a few moments, simply me, alone in the silence that when I listen is a symphony.

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