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Prayers of Grace and Peace – By Rev. Alan Mead

Prayers of Grace and Peace
By Rev. Alan Mead

As interim professionals we rejoice when a congregation we have been serving issues a call, inviting a minister to become it’s next settled clergy leader. We reflect on the process and remember with satisfaction and joy the journey that we have shared with the congregation. Sometimes an interim will have worked out their own next call to interim ministry, and sometimes it is time to leave and the next interim position is still unknown.

Everyone who depends on interim ministry knows that can happen. I was talking recently with a colleague who is highly successful as an interim professional and yet has just finished a five month gap between one position and the next.

The good news is that this colleague begins with the next congregation soon.

My conversation caused me to reflect on my own anxiety as I neared completion of one interim position and began the process of my own job search for the next. It also caused me to hold in prayer those who are nearing an ending and long to know of the next beginning, and especially those who may find themselves unemployed for some period of time.

I always remind myself that I am called to this ministry and beloved of God. I know it is easier to say than to do; but I then offer my fears to God in prayer and get on with the work of the ministry. I have always found that anxiety takes a back seat when I focus on my present ministry rather than my fears.

Today I pray for all who are nearing the completion of an interim position. Prayers for grace. Prayers for peace. Prayers for hope.

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