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Wounded, We Heal – By Rev. Alan Mead

Wounded, We Heal
By Rev. Alan Mead

We all carry scars from wounds we have received as we have lived our lives. Some of us have endured hurtful experiences, some have survived deadly disease or trauma, some have experienced great loss, and some have even abandoned hope; yet we are strengthened by these events that have hurt us, growing stronger as we heal, learning new ways to approach the downsides of life when we are assaulted by forces outside of our control. Our spirit, our human spirit, is resilient and strong, strengthened by family and community, nourished by faith, destined to soar. I am amazed at how community forms, one who has been diagnosed with a certain cancer reaches out to another who has had it longer. One who has been beaten down by job loss or failure finds another who has been through something similar, and the one who has the deeper experience becomes the one who stands beside, and there is such strength in that, the sharing of experience and the giving of hope, and from weakness comes strength, a strength that shall endure.

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