More than ever, leaders of faith communities and organizations need skills to navigate these days of turmoil and change. Effective Transitional Leadership is a virtual workshop designed to teach and apply the essential skills needed to be an effective transitional leader.

If you are serving as a leader of an organization during a transition, this course is designed for you.

In these times, executive leaders must understand the opportunities transition creates for organizations and faith communities. This workshop covers the essential characteristics of this specialized work and strategies to support those engaged in it.

"The workshop is a primer for those who are new to transitional leadership and a refresher for those transitional practitioners seeking to update their skills."

At the conclusion of this course, you will:

  • Understand change theory and how to apply it in transitional time
  • Feel competent in the role of a transitional leader and facilitator for the work of your organization
  • Be equipped to manage both yourself and your organization in conflict
  • Have practiced using tools designed to guide an organization through a transition
  • Have had opportunities to apply your learnings using case studies

With this training you will be prepared and confident to assist an organization towards health, effectiveness, and faithfulness to their mission.

Cost, Class Schedule & Registration

The 2021 tuition for the Course including electronic access to the Workbook is $365.00. Current IMN Members may register for $249.00 (a $116.00 discount).


ETL Tuition - September 20-21, 2021 (9-5)

Registration - Add $365.00
Current IMN Member Registration - Add $249.00

ETL Tuition - October 5-6&12-13, 2021 (1:30-4:30)

Registration - Add $365.00
Current IMN Member Registration - Add $249.00


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