IMN Virtual Support Groups (VSG)

As an transitional leader (settled, interim, lay, judicatory) you may be in an area where you have access to local denominational support groups – and others are in areas where they are isolated from colleagues. With the wonders of technology – specifically Zoom, IMN has built a community to connect transitional pastors/leaders, for exchange of ideas and encouragement. The support groups are free to IMN members and are offered through the guidance of the IMN Member Support Team.


  • Connect interim pastors to support one another by sharing intentional interim experiences
  • Develop relationships among IMN members
  • Problem solve together
  • Share experience
  • Mutually support one another emotionally, spiritually, vocationally
  • Lessen isolation

General information:

  • Groups are ecumenical
  • Groups are co-hosted by a pair of IMN members
  • Groups meet for 1 ½ hours, once a month
  • IMN staff schedule the monthly calls with Zoom and send each member of the group an email with the log-on information for the next meeting
  • Members need to have internet access and technology (computer, tablet, phone) to access video meetings. (Later, we may begin a voice-only meeting, if there is demand to meet without seeing each other)
  • Each group is limited to ten IMN members, so that all may participate in the conversation
  • There is no charge to participate in IMN Virtual Support Groups
  • Members are expected to participate in each call, unless they contact a co-host in advance

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    IMN is now inviting members to join the next offerings of Virtual Support Groups. While we will continue to accept members to the groups, once a group has started, any requests will be held until new VSGs are announced.

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    We will respond with confirmation that you have a spot in the VSG you chose. IMN Virtual Support Groups are video-conference gatherings of people who share common experiences, situations, problems or conditions. On these calls, members offer and receive practical and emotional support related to the practice of transitional/interim ministry.

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    Virtual Support Groups
    VSG A – Hosted by Paul Balaban and Lisa Grace; Meets 2nd Monday at 11:30 Eastern Begin January 8, 2024 - (5 spaces)
    VSG B – Hosted by Clara Young and Catherine Griffith; Meets 2nd Wednesday at 12:00pm Eastern January 10, 2024 - (4 spaces)
    VSG C – Hosted by Marty Homan and Alan Mead meets 3rd Thursday at 10:00 am Eastern Begins January 18, 2024 - (6 spaces)
    VSG D – Hosted by Lieve Van den Ameele and TBA; Meets 2nd Friday at 11:00 am Eastern Begins January 12, 2024 - (5 spaces)
    VSG E – Hosted by Eleanor Scarlett and Christiana Paradela; Meets 4th Wednesday at 2:00 pm Eastern Begins January 24, 2024 - (4 spaces)
    VSG F – Hosted by Theresa Thornton and Erica Avena; Meets 1st Friday at 2:00 pm Eastern Begins January 5, 2024 - (6 spaces)
    VSG G – Hosted by Dave Clements and Sarah Fanning; Meets 3rd Wednesday at 3:00 pm Eastern Begins January 17, 2024 (SOLD OUT) - waitlist
    VSG International – Hosted by Lieve Van den Ameele and Neil Parker; Meets 1st Tuesday at 3:00 am Eastern Begins January 2, 2024 - (6 spaces)

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    Judicatory - Add $170

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