IMN Virtual Support Groups

As an interim, you may be in an area where you have access to local interim support groups – and others are in areas where they are isolated from colleagues. With the wonders of technology – specifically Zoom, IMN is planning to connect interim pastors, for exchange of ideas and encouragement. The support groups will be free to IMN members and are offered through the IMN Member Support Team.


  • Connect interim pastors to support one another by sharing intentional interim experiences
  • Develop relationships among IMN members
  • Problem solve together
  • Share experience
  • Mutually support one another emotionally, spiritually, vocationally
  • Lessen isolation

General information:

  • Groups are ecumenical
  • Groups are co-hosted by a pair of IMN members
  • Groups meet for 1 ½ hours, once a month
  • IMN staff schedule the monthly calls with Zoom and send each member of the group an email with the log-on information for the next meeting
  • Members need to have internet access and technology (computer, tablet, phone) to access video meetings. (Later, we may begin a voice-only meeting, if there is demand to meet without seeing each other)
  • Each group is limited to ten IMN members, so that all may participate in the conversation
  • There is no charge to participate in IMN Virtual Support Groups
  • Members are expected to participate in each call, unless they contact a co-host in advance

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IMN is now inviting members to join the next offerings of Virtual Support Groups. While we will continue to accept members to the groups, once a group has started, any requests will be held until new VSGs are announced.

Choose the VSG that fits your schedule.  Then add to cart and then check out.  The shopping cart will collect information about you.  There is no payment required. Make sure you keep a copy of your registration. We will respond with confirmation that you have a spot in the VSG you chose. IMN Virtual Support Groups are video-conference gatherings of people who share common experiences, situations, problems or conditions. On these calls, members offer and receive practical and emotional support related to the practice of transitional/interim ministry.


Virtual Support Groups
VSG A-Hosted by Andrew Cooley and Kathy Keener; Meets 2nd Monday at 11:30 Eastern Begins July 12, 2021 – Add $0.00
VSG B – Hosted by John Van Haneghan and Daniel Schroeder; Meets 2nd Wednesday at 12:00pm Eastern Begins July 14, 2021 – Add $0.00
VSG C – Hosted by Marty Homan and Rose Ann Vita Meets 3rd Thursday at 10:00 am Eastern Begins July 15, 2021 – Add $0.00
VSG D – Hosted by Lieve Van den Ameele and Steve Davis; Meets 2nd Friday at 11:00 am Eastern Begins July 9, 2021 – Add $0.00
VSG F – Hosted by Theresa Thornton and Lilian Patey; Meets 1st Friday at 2:00 pm Eastern Begins July 2, 2021 – Add $0.00
VSG G-Hosted by Dave Clements and Sarah Fanning; Meets 3rd Wednesday at 3:00 Eastern Begins July 21, 2021 – Add $0.00
VSG International – Hosted by Lieve Van den Ameele and Lynn Burden; Meets 1st Monday at 3:00 am Eastern Begins July 5, 2021 – Add $0.00 


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