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Agreement-making – what many names “contracting” – invites Practitioner and Faith Community into relationship. More than fiduciary due diligence, Agreement-making joins you to one another, the first moves in establishing mutual trust and respect. Here the Practitioner discerns if they can help and the Faith Community expresses the help they need. Here the transition-time journey takes shape.

Agreement-making Webinar will explore this process and provide one framework for discernment and decision.  Bring your questions and plan to share your wisdom.

The Israelites left Egypt as a group of tribes with a “mixed multitude.”  At Sinai they became a nation united under a set of laws.  Under Joshua that nation became landed, and under Saul and David they transitioned into a kingdom.

In this webinar we will look at aspects of these transitions and discuss what was done well and what mistakes were made.  We will use this discussion to reflect on our own transitional leadership.

Participants should have a Bible at hand.

William Bridges has said that the hardest part of change for people and institutions is not change per se, but transition. Change is inevitable, but transition is unsettling and scary. The Bible is rich with stories of change and transition and how God worked in the midst of them. This webinar will supplement those stories by looking at four theories of understanding and helping congregations move through transition. It will also equip the pastoral leader to initiate and navigate the change process.

This webinar is designed to revisit the most basic and foundational aspects of congregational finances: the interlocking elements of the balance sheet and income statement, the role of the planning tool popularly known as the Budget, and some conversation about endowments (vs savings) and designated funds….

Strategic planning is just as critical for congregations as other organizations, even more so for those in transition.  The congregational plan includes the basics of standard strategy practice, adding the work of prayerful discernment of what God is calling the congregation to be and to do right now.  Strategic ministry planning addresses the three questions of “Who are we?” “Who is our neighbor?” and “What is God calling us to do?” posed by Alice Mann and Gil Rendle in their work, Holy ConversationsStrategic Planning as a Spiritual Practice for Congregations.  Strategic planning can be an umbrella methodology for working through the interim ministry focus points and creating a fruitful ministry future.

We will look at the basics of strategic planning and review a sample facilitation process that you can use in your ministry setting. We will discuss the formatting of a strategic plan and a monitoring and implementation process. You will gain a starting foundation for developing your skills in this vital tool.

As church leaders sometimes we are required to accompany congregations as they navigate difficult conversations.  Among the most challenging and heart wrenching topics is church closure.  For a healthy new beginning, a well thought out ending needs to be planned.   How do we discern with church leadership and then the congregations which new options are necessary?  Sometimes dissolution is the healthiest option, but often folks want to stay together.  If amalgamation is the future path what could congregations do to look for in a potential amalgamation partnering church, and identify the form of amalgamation they prefer?  Ultimately minister becomes match maker, assisting congregations as they meet, date, court, marry and move in, all the while addressing legacy questions and goodbyes.

These webinars are pulled from IMN Conferences or Special Support of the Network.

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