Celebrating the Graying Church

Celebrating the Graying Church

Celebrating the Graying Church

Today, many churches and their related agencies and ministries are shrinking. Often a large portion of those who remain are older adults. Celebrating the Graying Church suggests that this is an opportunity for a new and different kind of ministry—a ministry to, with, and from older adults who may have wisdom to pass on to the legacy of the future generations. This book offers opportunities, ideas, and guidance for this new vision and practice of ministry, while also describing how aging adults in ministry can support each other and their faith communities.

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About the Book

Richard P. Olson’s book provides practical and informative guidance and inspiring stories for developing effective congregational ministry with older adults. I hope every pastor, older adult, and leader of older adult ministry will read this book and discover the many resources and new learning that will greatly enhance their older adult ministry.— Richard H. Gentzler, director, ENCORE Ministry, Tennessee Conference, United Methodist Church, and author of An Age of Opportunity.

Olson has an uncanny ability to make one feel like an equal colleague, good friend, and joyful younger sibling. This book contains so much good advice and pearls of wisdom. Seldom have I read a book on aging that conveys such energy and is so full of life.— Ron McDonald, D.Min., pastoral counselor, Samaritan Counseling Centers and Church Health Center

Richard Olson writes from the perspective of a partner on the journey. Stories of personal and pastoral experience interweave with depths of information on the aging process. Any pastor or layperson who cares for the “olders” among us will find in this book invaluable guidance and resources to build relationships and ministry.— Judith Schwanz, emeritus professor of pastoral care and counseling, Nazarene Theological Seminary

AUTHOR – Richard P. Olson retired as Distinguished Professor of Pastoral Theology at Central Baptist Theological Seminary in 2016. He served as a parish minister for nearly forty years and is the author of a number of books. In 2000, the Academy of Parish Clergy selected Ministry with Families in Flux (coauthored with Joe Leonard) as one of the year’s ten best books. In 2018, the Academy of Parish clergy recognized Olson’s work again, naming A Guide to Ministry Self-Care (coauthored with Ruth Lofgren Rosell, Nathan S. Marsh, and Angela Barker Jackson) as one of the year’s ten most important books for ministers.

Genre: Generations
Publisher: The Rowman and Littlefield Publishing Group
Publication Year: 2020
ASIN: 1538139677
ISBN: 1538139677
List Price: 26.00
eBook Price: 24.50
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