Leadership for a Time of Pandemic

Leadership for a Time of Pandemic

Leadership for a Time of Pandemic: Practicing Resilience

Why this book?  Bolsinger believes that “As the days of shelter-in-place turned into weeks and weeks turned into months, most experts acknowledged that the global pandemic that has led to tens of thousands of deaths is likely to be more like ‘a little ice age’ than a long winter or a stormy blizzard” (p. 3).  Even before the pandemic churches as we know them have been dying.  Church as we know them will need to be reinvented.

What is so different about this book? Bolsinger does not offer the reader a prediction or a prescription.  Bolsinger draws “. . . from the best of leadership literature and Christian spiritual formation to offer a way of leading and a process of leadership formation” (p. 6).

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About the Book

In just a few weeks, everything changed. Hopes that we would soon return to normal quickly faded as the COVID-19 pandemic swept the world. Christian leaders have been forced to deal with the loss of in-person gatherings, devastating financial hits, and the heightened anxiety of facing a future with no clear understanding of what it may look like. What does ministry require now? And how can those who feel the burden of leading in this unprecedented context be equipped for their calling?For decades, Tod Bolsinger has helped leaders learn to adapt to a rapidly changing world that seminary training had not prepared them for. Now he has provided a unique resource applying some of his key insights to the current global crisis. Leadership for a Time of Pandemic draws from Tod’s popular book Canoeing the Mountains to describe the basics of adaptive leadership in uncharted territory. Then, in a preview of his forthcoming book Tempered Resilience: How Leaders Are Formed in the Crucible of Change, he focuses on how to create a rule of life in order to stay resilient.This brief, timely audiobook is an ideal resource for leadership teams to explore together. Christian leaders in any context will find wisdom and encouragement to provide the kind of resilient leadership that has never been so necessary.

Series: Book Reviews, Book 1
Genre: Adaptive Leadership
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: IVP
Publication Year: 2020
Format: e-book
Length: 52 pages
eBook Price: 1.49
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