Step Two – FTM: The Work of the Congregation (FTMC)

FTMC offers participants the opportunity to build on their own experience as they develop expertise in the specialized ministry of the Transitional Pastor.

Fundamentals of Transitional Ministry: The Work of the Congregation (FTMC) is step two of FTM training. FTMC builds on the work begun in the first class (step one), Fundamentals of Transitional Ministry: The Work of the Leader (FTML).

Phase 1. FTMC is designed to provide information and experiences that will be helpful to persons who plan to function in a congregational leadership role especially during a time of clerical transition. Understanding that each congregation is unique and that polity, location, and dynamics of the congregation must be taken into account in every situation, IMN does not prescribe a specific plan for interim work. An essential principle of the IMN is that there is not a clearly defined path that prepares a congregation for its new future. Accordingly IMN training offers a wide variety of tools for this work. The on-site workshop experience prepares participants to make choices about when, where and how to use these tools. FTMC is based upon adult learning principles. Participants will be provided with readings in advance of their attendance at the program. They are expected to attend and actively participate in all workshop sessions. In addition there will be short “homework” reading assignments each evening. The IMN faculty is thoroughly trained and experienced practitioner of Intentional Interim Ministry.

This five day course emphasizes the work of the congregation. The fundamental tasks of the congregation, framed as Focus Points, are to successfully navigate the transition period:

  • HERITAGE– Reviewing how the congregation has been shaped and formed.
  • LEADERSHIP– Reviewing the member needs and its ways of organizing and developing new and effective leadership
  • MISSION– Defining and redefining sense of purpose and direction
  • CONNECTIONS– Discovering all the relationships a faith community builds outside of itself
  • FUTURE– Developing congregational and pastoral profiles

Phase 2. Fieldwork gives participants opportunity to use the skills and principles acquired in FTML and FTMC in their own ministry settings. Fieldwork is a distance learning process which uses both email and conference calls. A member of the IMN faculty leads the groups composed of from four to six people through a clearly defined process of project development and reflection.

 Click here for an introduction and F & Q on Fieldwork. 

2020 FTMC Virtual Class Schedule & Locations

Virtual FTMC Cost, Class Schedule & Registration

The cost of the workshop is the Tuition 

The 2020 tuition (Manual/Workbook/handouts and Fieldwork for each event is $1390.00, Current IMN Members will receive a $200.00 discount (use customer code IMN during check out) .  All event classes will begin at 10:00 am to 6:00 pm  EST. each day.


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Virtual FTMC: The Work of the Congregation

July 20-22 and 27-29
September 28-30 and October 5-7

2021 FTMC In Person Class Schedule & Locations

Cost, Class Schedule & Registration

The cost of the workshop is the Tuition + Room/Meals.

The 2020 tuition (Manual/Workbook/handouts and  Fieldwork for each event is $1390.00, Current IMN Members will receive a $200.00 discount (use customer code IMN during check out) . Contact the IMN office for room and board information. Housing cost is priced for 4 nights stay. Some sites have 5th night stay options. The commuter cost is priced for 5 days. All event classes begin at 8:45 am with registration/check in and concludes at 12:00 pm on the last day.


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Due to the COVID 19 uncertainties many venues have decided to not open until the first quarter of 2021. IMN has decided for the safety of our faculty and participants to reschedule in-person classes starting in the spring of 2021.

The Good news is that training will continue through virtual learning. Participants will receive the same training as in-person, just in a new way. IMN is ready to assist in the best possible way so participants are ready to guide their congregations through these uncertain times.

Thank you for your continuing support.


Attendees must have successfully completed the Fundamentals of Transitional Ministry: The Work of the Leader course within the previous year. The academic portion of the work is scheduled for five full days, generally Monday through Friday. Due to the amount of content presented evening sessions may be necessary.

Excluding the previous credit for the introductory course, completion of this training will provide 72 total CE contact hours – 37 hours for the class work and 35 hours for the field work. The pre-requisite course is also 23 contact hours. Graduates must complete 95 contact hours to successfully complete the program. 

Who Should Attend?

  • Experienced pastors who feel a call to the profession of intentional interim ministry
  • Senior administrators needing advanced change and conflict management skills
  • Consultants to congregations facing long term adjustments to new circumstances
  • Settled or called ministers with congregations undergoing major transition pressure
  • Seminary faculty interested in continuing education curriculum
  • Seminarians interested in developing consultant skills
  • Church school administrators looking to strengthen congregational/ denominational ties


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The final requirement for completion of the intentional interim training is the successful execution of a fieldwork project. Students who have completed the FTML and FTMC courses are divided into teams of six with a faculty coordinator.Over the course of about six months, each student proposes a demonstration project on an interim subject. He or she is guided through the conception, research, execution and publication of a project that illustrates an ability to apply the theoretical knowledge gained in the other two courses.The course is taught by e-mail and monthly teleconferences between the participants.


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